My Twins bona fides are pretty impressive. After debuting as an Oakland Athletics fan in the late 80's as a pre-tween, I switched allegiances in 1991 when I was nine years old and have been loyal ever since.

The problem is that I cannot say the same thing about the Twins when it comes to me as a fan.

I sat in the Metrodome on dozens of beautiful Minnesota summer nights throughout the 1990's watching players like Butch Huskey and Bob Tewksbury plod their way through multiple 90 loss seasons. I stuck with the team in 2001 when its own owner decided he would rather throw my beloved Twins in the trash than try to be competitive.

I achieved a lifelong dream when I got season tickets for the 2009 season. I went to 94 games that year including playoffs and road games. I was as die-hard as you could possibly find.

I stayed loyal when the team sucked its way through the 2010's despite getting ALLLLLLL the money associated with the opening of Target Field. I have remained a fan throughout the record 18 game playoff losing streak.

The 2019 Twins were pretty good and the ownership did nothing to improve the team at the trade deadline, bringing in only a cat-beating deadbeat relief pitcher that didn't even play.

The 2020 edition of the team was also pretty good but again couldn't pull off even a single playoff win. Now that the 2021 team is having a bad season we are supposed to just accept the fact that there will be a fire sale? Nope, I'm out.

Enough is enough.

All year long we have heard from the front office and manager that the Twins aren't a bad team. It's just bad luck and injuries. If that's the case, why not try to ADD pieces to this team to be competitive next year?

Jose Berrios is probably not a true "ace" like Cole, DeGrom, etc. However, he's the best pitcher the Twins have had since Johan Santana who, by the way, left the team over money 13 years ago.

Don't kid yourself, the reason the Twins are trading Berrios is because they don't want to pay him what he is worth. For the last seven seasons they have been paying him well below market value and he has patiently waited his turn to get paid.

Guess what? Same old story. Player plays well under terms that heavily favor the ownership and when the tables turn - bye- they are shown the door.

No more. No more paying for cable just to watch this team. No more $100 trips to the nosebleeds at Target Field. No more jerseys, no more hats. I am completely done with this ownership. It's all take, take, take.

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