2023 was an interesting year for Weather in Minnesota. Excessive snowfall in the early months, followed by rain shortages during the spring and summer, last year was somewhat of an up and down year when it comes to the weather.  

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Our winter coming out of 2023, one of the mildest, if not the mildest in many years, has led us into spring and now the early part of the summer where some areas have seen major amounts of rain around the state. 

Flooding and other weather issues have altered or canceled events and many plans, as we have to pivot around what Mother Nature has dumped down on us. 

One area that the state Department of Health says people should be aware of is what flooding can do to your well if you use one.  

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, having a well contractor inspect your well is being advised right now for many areas around the state. Taking preventative steps now could keep your water from becoming contaminated if the flooding were to be severe enough.  

The Department of Health is offering these tips if your well becomes flooded.  

First, do not use the water for any reason; you should assume the water is not good. This goes for cooking and brushing your teeth as well as drinking. 

A flooded well is a shock risk until it has been disconnected from its power source.  

You can disinfect your own well or find a contractor to do it for you. Here are the instructions if you choose to do it yourself.  

If you want to contact a well contractor to come out and get your well situation right again, here is a list of licensed contractors provided by the state.  

If flood water gets within 50 feet of your well, you are encouraged to have your water tested for coliform bacteria as a precaution. Here is a list of labs if you need your water tested.  

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly when a weather situation will turn and impact your well. Having water on hand for cooking, drinking, flushing the toilet, or brushing your teeth is highly recommended.  

Read the complete article from the Minnesota Department of Health.  

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