During last night's Vikings football game, you saw the end zone celebration that included a game that we all played as kids. Kyle Rudolph needs to learn to be Minnesotan.

In the middle of the 3rd quarter of last night's Monday Night Football game, Kyle Rudolph catches an end zone touchdown pass to give the Vikings a lead in the game. The touchdown was followed by a well coordinated celebration in the end zone, playing a game of "Duck, duck, grey DUCK".

In Minnesota, we grew up playing the game with the name "Duck, duck, grey DUCK". Many of us know that in other parts of the country they call it "Duck, duck, goose", but not Minnesotans.

I can understand that the announcers said the name wrong, they aren't from Minnesota, but Kyle Rudolph should know better - HE'S A MINNESOTA VIKING!

Kyle, Kyle, Kyle...You've been a Minnesota Viking for a long time. When in Minnesota, you need to BE Minnesotan. It's "grey duck", not "goose". We also eat hotdish and say "uff dah". Here's a great video to get you started since you're obviously a late 'Minnesota' bloomer...

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