Many Central Minnesota employers are looking for quality employees.  Gail Cruikshank is the Talent Director for the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation.  She highlights some tip and strategies when interviewing for jobs in Central Minnesota.

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Interview Tips that Separate YOU from the Competition

It is still a job seeker’s market, but you still need to ensure you are the chosen candidate for the role you want to secure.

Tips for helping you (and your resume) stand out

  • Explain why you chose your career path
    • Shows enthusiasm for your work
    • Share reasons for choosing career and personal connections
    • Explain other fields you may have worked in prior or gaps in work history and why that time was well spent or beneficial to you now.
  • Have a Vision
    • Be prepared to speak to future –career path vision
    • Share examples of your performance, skill set and/or work
    • Demonstrate how you are different from the typical applicant
  • Describe why you were hired
    • Showcases specific values those previous hiring managers saw in you.
  • Describe your job responsibilities well
    • Describe thoroughly and accurately
    • Highlight significant accomplishments, elaborate on your learnings
  • Be Prepared to brag (a little)
    • Identify a major accomplishment for each previous position
    • Specify your role, responsibilities and outcomes
    • Explain why you were the best fit to fulfill role – shows capable, strategic to take on major responsibilities.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your work history – even the less-than-fun parts
    • Keep responses short and positive
    • Be prepared to elaborate succinctly and professionally
  • Highlight your accumulated experience
    • Be sure tenure is called out
    • Accumulated work experience
    • Highlight what you took away from each position – strengthened a skill, learned a new skill, made meaningful connections, clarify passions of future work
  • Be Yourself and Explain your Brain!
    • Show your personality
    • Demonstrates your intellect, sense of humor, interests etc
    • What employers can do to elicit the best work from you by precisely describing how your brain works and what motivates you.

Looking for more job interview tips visit St. Cloud Shines – Jobs and Careers

It all comes down to preparation and presentation.  The candidates who are genuinely interested and want to prove their value are the ones who will take the time to research and show how they can fit into the organization.

For job preparation tips or listing of all 6500 - 7000 jobs available within a 10 mile radius in and around St. Cloud, visit

Employers:  find recruitment and retention tips on our GSDC website at:

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Gail Cruikshank it is available below.



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