A new video posted to Youtube by MN Safety shows a compilation of all the crashes that happened in Minneapolis' Lowry Tunnel during the winter of 2021.

The 8:20 minute long video shows clip after stomach-churning clip of icy spinouts, speeding offenders and scary rollovers. Many of the clips show unsuspecting vehicles sliding or spinning on black ice as they enter the tunnel. One clip shows police chasing a car, pulling a PIT maneuver and the runaway driver getting out of the driver's side and fleeing on foot across lanes of oncoming traffic. Some videos show drivers speeding recklessly through the Lowry Tunnel, losing control and crashing or bumping into other vehicles. The final clip shows a truck losing its load of unspecified materials in the tunnel.

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The same video -- shared to the Minnesota thread of Reddit -- claims that the Lowry Tunnel in Minneapolis is the most dangerous freeway tunnel in the world, which begs the question -- is it?

Lowry Tunnel, Minneapolis - All Winter 2021 Crashes (The most dangerous freeway tunnel in the world) from r/carcrash

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From what we can find, there's little supporting evidence that Minnesota's Lowry Tunnel is the most dangerous tunnel -- of any kind -- in the world. According to West Area Traffic Support Engineer for MnDOT Eric Lauer-Hunt there were 26 crashes reported in the Interstate 94 Lowry Tunnel in 2018, 17 in 2019, and 10 in 2020. None of them were reported as fatal. While we don't have any numbers or data for tunnels elsewhere, in 2008 Moscow's 1.3 mile long Lefortovo Tunnel which runs underneath the Yauza River was named the "tunnel of death" for its lethal wintertime conditions. Dangerous Roads names the Anzob Tunnel in Tajikistan as the "Tunnel of Fear" and the "Tunnel of Death" for its lack of proper lighting and dangerous exhaust fumes.

So, is the Lowry Tunnel really the most dangerous freeway tunnel in the world? It's hard to say without comparing data or numbers, but it doesn't sound like it.

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