In a post yesterday Johnny Fish, the man behind the pop-up sunflower fields across Minnesota for the last few years announced that this would be the last year for his pop-up fields until he finds a permanent home/place for them to be. The pause on the pop-ups might just be for a year or it could be longer.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Hello Family and Friends!
I just want to tell you what you mean to my family and I and how thankful we are for your enthusiasm, encouragement, and support. To say that these past 6 years have been an adventure is an understatement! We have learned a lot, we have grown, we have been challenged, we have overcome many obstacles and we have met so many amazing people who have become amazing friends.
As we plant and prepare for the 2022 season, we know in our hearts that this will be Fish Sunflower’s final season until we can find a permanent place and home to host the field(s). As much as we want to commit to year after year of Fish Sunflower fields throughout Minnesota, we know that taking this step and this break is wisdom and is right for our family.
We currently have 90% of our equipment at the Elsenpeter Auction ( to try to recoup a fraction of the cost from the fields last year. If you’d like a piece of Fish Sunflowers, take a look and make a bid!
We went into the 2022 season telling ourselves that we would only plant the fields that were funded, and unfortunately, none of the fields are. We are truly grateful for what financial support has come in, but we haven’t received enough to even cover fertilizer this year. We still went ahead and personally funded a few fields for you to enjoy, but we can no longer personally fund this project. We have sold personal property and taken out of savings to keep this mission going because we truly believe in it. But with the rising costs of everything we can no longer do it on our own.
The goal of this mission is to spread positivity and sunshine- to start a movement based on that - and we believe that we have reached that goal...and we want it to continue! Although the fields may be paused for a time after the 2022 season, the mission does not need to be paused, we can keep it going. How? By being thankful every day, by being the positive algorithm, by paying it forward, and by spreading the sunshine. Let’s continue to turn this state yellow! Continue posting pictures and sharing your stories. We want to see them and hear them, we want to hear how people are spreading sunshine on their community and to each other.
Make the most of the 2022 Fish Sunflowers fields- enjoy them, make memories in them and keep spreading the sunshine!🌻
2022 Fish Sunflowers locations coming soon.
It's hard to believe that Fish began planting his fields 6 years ago, but even in the face of the pandemic the sunflowers and smiles kept coming.
The post details the thought process that Fish went through to reach the decision to pause, which mainly centers around the financial means of planting these fields for people to enjoy, take pictures in, and of course, spread smiles.
So get out there and enjoy the Fish sunflower fields this year, as it might be the last year for them for some time.

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