Well, that time of year has come again. Daylight Saving Time will once again be upon us next weekend.  We officially change the clocks ahead one hour next Sunday, March 10th.

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Last year, and several years before that, has been the discussion that we will end changing the clock back and forth one hour from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time and back again.  We were to stay with Daylight Saving Time throughout the year.  Some critics of the idea didn't like the fact that the kids would sometimes be outside waiting for a school bus in the dark for much longer than if we continued to change the clocks.

Last year, the senate passed a bill stating that we would stay in Daylight Saving Time from now on.  But it didn't get passed into a law.  Stalled out...

So, here we are, doing the clock change thing again.  I have no idea why that one hour affects me so much, but it does.  And it seems to be a trend with people. So, after the clock change on the 10th, expect a lot of tired people that next Monday.

This was part of the discussion from last year when the topic was on the table.

Since 2015, about 30 states have introduced legislation to end the twice-yearly changing of clocks, with some states proposing to do it only if neighboring states do the same.
The House Energy and Commerce committee held a hearing on the issue last week, where Representative Frank Pallone, the committee's chairman, said, "The loss of that one hour of sleep seems to impact us for days afterwards. It also can cause havoc on the sleeping patterns of our kids and our pets."
So, will this topic come up and be discussed seriously again?  Probably.  Will it pass? Let's be honest, probably not.  But I wish it would.  But until that happens, remember to change your clocks again one hour next weekend.

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