I can't believe this has to be said to a grown man: DON'T WATCH A SHOW WHILE YOU'RE DRIVING. Radios exist. Audiobooks exist. These things don't require your eyeballs to enjoy. Ya know what DOES require your eyeballs? DRIVING.

A Minnesota couple lost their lives last summer because a trucker allegedly couldn't wait until getting to his destination to watch a Netflix show, and instead tried watching it while driving his big rig...and it's today's Sign of the Apocalypse.

Trucker Distracted by Netflix on His Phone Kills Couple in Minnesota

Billie Joe Grimes of Tennessee was driving his semi-truck on I-35 on August 25th, 2023. He was hauling over 44,000 pounds of cargo. That kind of load requires a lot of responsibility, and Grimes was allegedly not up for the task, and it cost the lives of Matthew and Cimberly Hansen.

The semi that Grimes was driving slammed into the couple's Toyota Camry and killed them. The accident happened before a merger point near road construction, where traffic was understandably slow.

He Said

Grimes claimed that he only had "a split second" to react. He claimed that he was NOT watching his phone, but it was downloading a certain show to watch later.

Upon Further Investigation...

When state patrol troopers checked his phone, they did not find the show he claimed was downloading.

When the troopers checked the dash cam video of Grimes' truck, they found that he was watching a show on his phone "...as he approached stopped or slow-moving traffic as he approached a construction zone".

Prosecutors say that Grimes - who's giving Rick a bad name - "was distracted to the extent that he failed to apply the brakes before he crashed into the Toyota and killed" Matthew and Cimberly Hansen. Grimes was allegedly going 68mph at the time of the crash.

A 44,000-pound payload slamming into a compact car at 68mph and killing a couple because the alleged jerkface couldn't wait to watch his stories until it was safe to do so...today's Sign of the Apocalypse.

Don't be stupid.

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