Here's your 96.7 The River insider guide to this week's extravaganza.


Gate Admission is Still FREE at The 2019 Stearns County Fair!


2019 Fair Dates & Hours

  • WED 7/31:  10 AM to 10 PM (Midway 5p-10p)
  • THU 8/1:  7 AM to 10 PM (Midway 3p-10p)
  • FRI 8/2:  7 AM to 10 PM (Midway Noon-10p)
  • SAT 8/3:  7 AM to 10 PM (Midway Noon-10p)
  • SUN 8/4:  7 AM to 8:30 PM (Midway Noon-8:30p)

Ever Been to a Demolition Derby? (Five 98.1 Insider Nuggets)

  1. Most drivers use some sort of strategy to win first place, whether it’s ramming into other cars with abandon or lying in wait to preserve their car for as long as they can.
  2. There are rules to the game. For example, it’s usually against the rules to ram into the driver’s door.
  3. You might want to bring a blanket – one that you don’t mind getting dirty. Many people use blankets to shield themselves from the mud that could splash on them as the cars skid by.
  4. There's a Demolition Derby in the grandstand on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Admission to the derby is $10 for adults, and $6 for children 12 and under.

2019 Stearns County Fair Entertainment

Ok, so there's crazy rides, fun games, fair food, and people watching -- but what else do we need to make sure we don't miss? (Like rides, fried cheese curds, and corn dogs aren't enough.)

  • Live music (and lots of it).
  • 4-H exhibits: These kids work (and play) HARD and sleep for a full week after the fair.
  • Draft horse parade.
  • Rooster crowing contest.
  • Midway carnival.
  • BINGO!

Our 'What Not to Miss' List

  • The carnival rides.
  • Corn dogs with mustard.
  • Demolition Derbies of course. (I want to drive in 2020.)
  • Rabbit Agility (5p SAT) <-- This will have you laughing hysterically! (This has my personal 5-star rating!!!)
  • Draft horse parade & show (6:30p SAT).

Thanks to Vern, Shannon, Jackie, and Jodie along with the rest of the Fair Board, County Commissioners, Superintendents, and volunteers for making 2019 another amazing year at the Stearns County Fair!