As I was getting ready for work this morning, I checked the temperature and saw it was down into the 30s and snowing. Definitely jacket weather. I went into my coat closet and realized I had no coats to put on, and remembered I created this problem. My lack of coats wasn't due to trading out winter gear for summer gear in the storage area, it was due to April weather in Minnesota.

I keep waking up to cold temperatures in the morning and putting on a coat to go to work. Throughout the day it warms up, and by the time I leave in the afternoon a jacket is no longer needed. So said jacket gets tossed into the backseat, and completely forgotten about until the next morning.

I'm a jacket hoarder, and because of it, I didn't run into this backseat jacket problem until this week. I just kept putting on a new one every day and repeatedly leaving them in my car until I was completely out of coats. And as a result, I am now driving around a mobile coat closet.

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Off the top of my head from memory, I'm certain there are at least five coats riding around town with me. And it's not like they are all in one section of the car either. I have a couple in the trunk, a couple in the back seat, and for sure on the floor of the passenger seat. Wherever they land, that's where they stay.

I want to say writing this will be the kick in the pants I need to collect my jackets from the car and bring them into the house, but it probably won't be. It's a vicious cycle of needing a coat, realizing it's in the car, and not bringing it in that I won't break until a really nice day when I get inspired to clean out my car.

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