I feel like the phrase, " I don't know if I'm coming or going", was meant for this car.

I drive HWY 10 almost every weekend, and I have seen this car just past Little Rock Lake as you head toward Rice for the longest time. As we drove past this weekend I finally wasn't behind the wheel so I could snap a picture of it.

I'm no stranger to odd cars. I grew up in my dad's garage where he was always working on some off-the-wall vehicle that he salvaged from somewhere. As an example, he drove around a '58 convertible Volkswagen beetle that he found in shambles on a rock pile and brought back to life. That was his daily driver when I was in middle school. That was just one of many car projects.

The car in question near Rice consists of two front ends of two different cars stuck together to create just one single car. Which hurts my brain to think about.

Which side is the one that drives the vehicle? And is the hood on the other side technically a trunk? If someone calls shotgun, where would they sit? Do the people in the front seat sit back-to-back with the ones in the backseat? Are there two different radios, or just one that controls it all? Where did the middle and back parts of the car go? Are they stuck together somewhere too?

I have a lot of questions. And obviously, I know this car doesn't drive, and my questions are (mostly) hypothetical. I just think it's really cool.

If you are driving on Hwy 10, keep an eye out for this car. Once you notice it, you'll never not notice it.

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