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Yelp recently highlighted two Minnesota restaurants in their top 25 list of the best places for mocktails in the entire country. They looked at restaurants and bars, specifically focusing on those with a good number of reviews mentioning "mocktail" or similar terms. The rankings took into account factors like the total number of reviews and the ratings given to mocktails. Learn more about the two Minnesota spots that stood out below.

What Is A Mocktail?

All Recipes explains: "In the simplest terms, the significant difference between a mocktail and a cocktail is that a mocktail doesn't contain alcohol. They're mixed drinks that you'd find at a bar and contain many of the same ingredients as their boozy counterparts, just not the alcoholic component. Though the term "mocktail" is relatively new, these types of drinks have always been served alongside classic cocktails, and were historically called “Temperance Drinks."

Minnesota Has 2 Restaurants Among the Top 25 For Mocktails in the US

Martina, located at 4312 South Upton Avenue in Minneapolis, is the highest-ranked Minnesota restaurant on the list. Martina was ranked 8th and offers a delightful blend of Argentinian and Italian influences that bring a distinctive touch to its menu.

Martina's carefully curated mocktail menu includes PACHAMAMA, blending rose verjus, raspberry, hibiscus, bay leaf, and dry wit bruce; the invigorating ALESSIA with gin botanicals, lemon, grapefruit peel, cassia, and dry wit pippi; and the vibrant INCENDIO featuring blood orange, cinchona, allspice, vanilla, ceylon, and carbonation. The menu also includes refreshing options like TROPICAL, LEMONGRASS, and MASALA CHAI.

Thai Pop, located on historic 3rd in downtown Rochester, came it at #13 on the list. Thai Pop captures the spirit of Thailand and delivers a passionate dedication to exceptional food and drinks.

Among its standout mocktails is the Island Breeze, a tantalizing mix of passion fruit, lime, Thai basil, palm sugar syrup, and club soda, offering a refreshing taste of the tropics. The Bodhi Breeze follows suit with lime juice, Thai basil, palm sugar syrup, and club soda, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. The Mock-Gari-Thai entices with pineapple, Thai basil, palm sugar, and lime juice, while The Mock Thai kicks up the heat with grapefruit, jalapeño, Kaffir lime syrup, and a pepper sugar salt rim. The Island Hopper charms with passion fruit and palm sugar syrup, topped with club soda, while the Jasmine Lemonade refreshes with jasmine syrup, lemon, and palm sugar.

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