ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- A candidate for Governor made a brief stop in central Minnesota this weekend.

Republican Scott Jensen and his running mate Matt Birk campaigned at the St. Cloud Regional Airport Saturday afternoon. The one-day “Fly-Around” Tour followed Friday’s final debate between Jensen and Democratic incumbent Tim Walz.

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Jensen and Birk were joined at the rally by other Republican candidates running for office in the area including Tama Theis, Aaron Henning, and Bernie Perryman.

Both Birk and Jensen stepped up to the microphone to pump up the crowd of a couple hundred people, discussing their stances on issues including inflation, crime, and education, while avoiding other hot topics including abortion, immigration, voting, and LGBT rights. The stop was one of six for the candidates.

After leaving St. Cloud, Jensen and Birk headed south to Mankato and then Rochester.

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