The measles outbreak in Minnesota has made news all over the U.S., including John Oliver's HBO show. Take a look to see how big the vaccination issue really is here.

Fortunately the measles outbreak is showing signs of slowing, according to the MN Dept of Health. The number has risen to 78 and doesn't seem to be spreading as fast as it was just a few weeks ago.

Here's the latest stats:

Vaccination status:

  • 71 confirmed to be unvaccinated
  • 3 had 1 dose of MMR
  • 3 had 2 doses of MMR
  • 1 is unknown/pending


  • 74 in children (ages 0-17 years)
  • 4 cases in adults


  • 65 are Somali Minnesotan
  • 10 are White/Non-Hispanic
  • 3 are White/Hispanic

As you can see, the vaccination are not 100% effective, with 3 people getting the measles even after both vaccination doses.

Even though the measles aren't a joke, I really enjoyed the humorous way John Oliver talks about vaccinations in the video above. What really grabbed my attention at how bad this recent outbreak in Minnesota is - he mentions that right here in our state is more cases of measles than the entire U.S. outbreak in all of last year. A little scary when you think about it...

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