Jon Bon Jovi's goal is to break the cycle of poverty, hunger, and homelessness. Every time I hear of celebrities making the difference in lives of people struggling or in need it really warms my heart. Rock artist Jon Bon Jovi opens restaurants where people in need can eat for free.
American rock artist Jon Bon Jovi has opened two restaurants so far to help feed people in need. Jon Bon Jovi is making an impact other than being a great musician. He is passionate about helping those who are in need.

He created the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. The foundation aims to “break the cycle of poverty, hunger, and homelessness”. One of the projects is his restaurant JBJ Soul Kitchen, a restaurant where they just need to show up hungry and they can eat for free. There are no prices on the restaurant’s menu and everyone is welcome. Customers are encouraged to donate $20 to pay for other’s meals. Those who are struggling financially can eat a warm meal for free. You can also serve as a volunteer at this restaurant.
Soul Kitchen has already served over 100,000 meals and they first opened their doors back in 2011.
Jon Bon Jovi has such a good heart and wants to make a difference. I always liked Jon Bon Jovi but now he is at a whole new level in my book. Stories like this are so inspiring. I think we are all able to make a difference in the community. It makes a difference.

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