If you happened to be one of the several people who attended We-fest over the weekend, you probably had the opportunity to see an artist named Justin Moore. He’s become a pretty popular name in country music over the last six or seven years.

Country music typically isn’t my style, but I’ll hand it to the guy - he sings great. Country was a big part of my life growing up. When I was a kid my parents made a living as professional musicians and my dad even built a recording studio in our basement.

When my parents started having more kids they decided it was probably time to stop touring, and their primary source of income became doing studio work for other artists. There was one young guitarist named Roger Coleman, who frequently booked studio time at our studio.

We became pretty close friends over the years and he was even cool enough to lay down some guitar tracks on some of my own music. Roger wound up making a pretty big name for himself as a musician in Nashville and he is now the lead guitarist and band leader for Justin Moore. Small world, huh?

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