In a hilarious interview with Conan, Kevin Hart admits he took confetti and turf from US Bank Stadium following the Eagles Super Bowl win.

Comedian Kevin Hart recently shared with Conan how he drunkenly made his way onto US Bank Stadium's field to try and hold the Vince Lombardi Trophy after the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

So, [the Eagles] win, and something in my head said, 'I need to go down there with the team.' My wife was like, 'What [are] you doing?' and I was like, 'We need to go down with the team.'"

He goes on to share how he and his fellow Philadelphia buddies made their way down to the field, getting past gates and security "in places that [he] probably shouldn't have been." If anyone tried to stop them, he'd drunkenly yell, "I'm Kevin Hart!" and they'd let him pass.

We get down to the field, and we're, like, picking up the confetti, it's, like, amazing...I'm trying to, like, put some turf in my pocket..."

But that wasn't enough. Kevin goes on to say he gets another "light bulb" -- the city of Philadelphia wants to see him hold the trophy. Kevin hilariously goes on to recount how he made his way to the stage to try to hold the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy, with ridiculous results. Watch his full account here: