(PHOTO: From left: Assistant Principal Joel Heitkamp, Teacher Of The Week- Kimberly Craven, awesome fellow teacher who nominated Kimberly-Jayne Bautch, Principal Jason Harris)

We love surprising teachers every week! And this week was no exception. When Kimberly walked into the office, she had no idea why she was there. And almost before I could get the words out that she was being honored as our Teacher Of The Week, the tears started to flow. But they were happy tears, so we're okay with that! I can see why her students and colleague's love her!

Cindy Wear
Cindy Wear

(PHOTO: Teacher Of The Week, Kimberly Craven along with friend and fellow teacher, Jayne Bautch)

This week, we honor Kimberly Craven!  Kimberly is a Behavior Support Specialist at South Junior High in St. Cloud. She was nominated by Jayne Bautch. Here's what Jayne had to say about Kimberly:

Ms. Kym has single-handedly changed more students' lives than any other person I know. She is a vital member of our team at South who has an unbelievable rapport with countless students and an incredible ability to get students to do what is right. She can bring about more results with her magical ways than I could ever dream of achieving.
In addition, Ms. Kym has made extra-curricular activities with her dance team possible for students who ordinarily could not participate. She has a heart of gold and South is unbelievably blessed to have her here as she could work anywhere and be successful. This is not an exaggeration--she is THAT good!
Thank you for considering Ms. Kym for this important recognition. She is a genuine superstar!

Thank you to our incredible Teacher of the Week sponsors who make this surprise even more fun:  All-Star Trophy and Awards, Great Harvest Bread, Concrete Image Salon and Coyote Moon Grille!


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