ST. CLOUD -- A change is coming for Liberty Bank customers in south St. Cloud this fall. The bank, at 3299 Roosevelt Road, will be closing as a Liberty Bank Branch.

Liberty Bank Minnesota Senior Vice President Robin Gohman says even though the Southwood Branch is closing to customers, they'll still use the location for other operations needs...

We continue to have the need for more room for our back-end support operations. That location is strategically placed for employees to be able to support that. So, it's really a combination of the two...the closeness in proximity of our other branch locations to that location as well as our growing need for a place to put this support.

The Southwood Branch is closing effective 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, August 25th. It will no longer serve customers in any way including the removal of the ATM on site.

The closure does not impact any customer accounts.

Photo by Lee Voss - WJON
Photo by Lee Voss - WJON

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