What is it? It's a social game where you lose if you hear any version of the Little Drummer Boy song in any way (TV, Movies, Radio, Shopping, etc.) If you listen to Christmas music all the time, you probably can't do it.

This for honest people. Liars and cheats are dis-invited and publicity chastised. It starts at 12:01am on Friday unless you're having Thanksgiving dinner, then it starts right after you're done eating. It says it goes until Dec 26th but I say Christmas Eve. Gotta leave Christmas Day out of it.


Some other rules are:

  • You cannot play it in front of someone for the sole purpose of ruining it for them.
  • If you're new to the game, you may listen to it one time.
  • If someone is "exposed" to the song but doesn't recognize it, anyone can all attention to it while it's playing

Yes, this is a real thing. More info and all the rules here.

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