ST. CLOUD -- From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, to now something called Travel Tuesday. Savvy travelers will be looking for good deals over the next week or so.

Nick Jarmusz is the Director of Public Affairs at AAA Travel. He says there will definitely be deals to be had, but be cautious before you buy.

Anytime that you book, the important thing is to use a reputable source.  You can go on a lot of different sites and find deep discounts or different deals and a lot of them have a lot of strings attached, or you really have to know how to navigate all the fine print.

Jarmusz says having a trusted advisor can be key, especially to offer you support if you need it while you're on your vacation.

Jarmusz says the various travel sites will be offering the biggest deals.

A lot of the deepest discounts that you're going to see promoted are coming from third-party sellers like Priceline or or other sites like that.  Airlines, resorts or hotels may also offer special promotions.

Jarmusz says, if checking a variety of sites is all too overwhelming for you, a travel agent can navigate those sites for you.

He says you may have some advanced warning on some travel deals over the next several days, but there will also be some pop-up deals with no advanced notice.

He says it is likely the time that you are taking your vacation will be more of a factor in the cost rather than which day you book it.

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