Wheeled fish houses have to be off Minnesota lakes by March 6th, so this might be one of the last weekends you can really get out and enjoy it. If you are headed to Lake Mille Lacs this weekend, and you also enjoy a fun meat raffle, I've found a few options for you.

The group Mille Lacs Lake on Facebook had a post from someone recently asking about meat raffles around the area, and surprisingly to me, maybe not to others there were PLENTY of options! Here in no particular order are some area bars offering up a meat raffle on a Friday or Saturday in the area of Mille Lacs.

  • Nitti's Hunters Point Resort - Friday night 5:30  and Saturday 1pm
  • MSA/Flagship 5 pm - Friday meat raffle and horseraces
  • Vets club 5:30 - Friday
  • Harbor Inn, Garrison - Saturday starts at 6pm
  • Bayview Bar - Saturdays at 6pm
  • Garrison VFW on - Friday
  • Castaway - Saturday 1pm
  • meat raffle and virtual races on Friday nights at the Isle Muni starting at 6:00pm
  • Onamia Veteran's Club - 5:30 Fridays
  • Beckham's Bar and Bistro - Fridays at 6pm

Plenty of options for you to get out and enjoy a beverage, maybe a burger or fish fry and hopefully you get lucky and walk away with some jerky, pork butt, brats, burgers, chops, etc.

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Thanks, and good luck ice fishing this weekend, may your meat raffle ticket be the winning one!

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