An annual neighborhood garage sale in Sartell looks poised to be among the biggest sales of the spring with nearly 20 houses planning on peddling wares this week. The sales are set to run from May 1st to May 3rd or 4th, depending on the sale.

The Avalon Village neighborhood in Sartell will host garage sales beginning Wednesday and going on throughout the weekend. A majority of sales start on Wednesday, while a handful of sales will take place beginning on Thursday and some on Friday.

Heck, I am even getting back in on the action this year by hosting my second-ever garage sale! I have spent the better part of a week getting everything labeled and folded for the big day(s)!

Avalon Village is located near Bernick's Arena and Sartell City Hall off of 19th Avenue and 2 1/2 Street in Sartell.

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Google Maps

While I have seen a couple garage sales already this spring, this is the big daddy that I personally consider the opening day of rummage sale season. It looks like we will need some help from the weather forecast. While Wednesday looks okay, Thursday and Friday look like they may get a little damp.

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Make a plan to come out to Sartell this week and check it out! You never know what kind of deal you might find!

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