Matt Damon is a celebrity who tends to avoid the public spotlight. So it may come as a surprise to you that Damon and his family have been self-isolating in Dalkey, Ireland, a small seaside village in south Dublin, since March. The actor had been filming Ridley Scott’s upcoming historical drama The Last Duel, which he co-wrote alongside Scott, Ben Affleck, and Nicole Holofcener. In a new radio interview with Spin 1038, Damon shared that the experience for him and his family has been nothing short of “incredible”:

‘It feels like a fairytale. When I first came in, people were saying, ‘Well, Bono lives over there, Enya lives over there’,’ said Damon. ‘It’s been incredible. This is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been. Obviously what’s going on in the world is horrible, but I’ve got my whole family; I’m with my kids and we have teachers with us because we were planning on missing school for about eight weeks.’

Damon admitted that his family’s situation has made him feel “guilty,” but that he’s also quite proud of the country’s taoiseach, Leo Varadkar. Damon described Varadkar as a "badass" for working one day a week as a doctor amidst the coronavirus. Additionally, Damon is a “little worried” about coming back to America when it’s safe to do so. “We don’t have adequate testing, so there’s going to be another surge it looks like back home,” he explained. Looks like Damon isn’t leaving Dalkey anytime soon.

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