The most notoriously hard to find fast food is coming back everywhere in the country.

McDonald's is bringing back the McRib on December 2, 2020, just over a month away. The fast-food giant announced the news on Twitter today.

The favorite sandwich will be back nationwide on December 2, 2020. It's the first time since 2012 that it will be out all across the country.

For the uninitiated, the McRib is pretty similar to something you may have had in school that may have been called "Mr. Rib" or boneless ribs. They were pretty good, but we never got them with a bun or with barbecue sauce and onions.

It's been so hard to find, and releases have been so limited, McDonald's even releases the McLocator app so that people can find it. It's been in 10,000 of the 14,000 stores since 2012, but never has it been everywhere since then.

McRib has been around since 1981 when it was a limited menu item. It's been on the menu here and there all over the world since.

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