Let me start off by saying I'm a skeptic of a lot of things. Ghosts, aliens, Bigfoot, etc. Psychic's are included in that as well.

Now when Alli approached me about having a medium come into the studio I thought "sure." Many radio shows throughout the country have been doing this bit for many years now. It usually does well. A lot of listeners like it and it generates phones calls. But I told her I'm a skeptic regardless.

So today was our first day having Michelle come in. She is a very nice and kind woman. We thought we would start with me and Jim our news guy. It was my first one ever and Jim's as well. She did some numerology first and that was interesting but nothing mind blowing.

Then throughout the rest of the hour, when we were off the air, she mentioned other things. Things like my dad was behind me (I never told her he passed this past January), that my mother and father were only together for a brief time and probably were never married (true), that she was seeing March (my son's birth month) and she was seeing the letters K or C (my daughter is Kaiya). She said my father was acknowledging my children who he never got to meet (that's a much longer story).

There were a couple other things that she was also correct about and a few things that I did not see a connection with (for now anyway).

In the end I still remain a skeptic but my mind is a little more open than before. We'll see how it goes over the next few months as Michelle will be with us every Thursday. If you have something you would like to ask her make sure you call us whether you're a skeptic like me or not.