Christmas hasn't been this cold in St. Cloud in 20 years -- and this year the temperatures will be more of the same all the way to the New Year. Maybe this time around a lump of coal or two wouldn't be the worst thing you could get in your stocking.

The high temperature for Monday (Christmas Day) in St. Cloud is expected to climb all the way to -2º (after a low of -7º).

Forecast High Temps Following Christmas in St. Cloud

  • MON 12/25:  -2º
  • TUE 12/26: 
  • WED 12/27: 
  • THU 12/28: 
  • FRI: 12/29: 
  • SAT; 12/30: 
  • SUN: 12/31: 
  • MON: 1/1: 
  • TUE: 1/2:   12º
  • WED 1/3:  17º
  • THU 1/4:  15º

Good news from Bob Weisman at SCSU:

It certainly doesn't look anything like the severe cold that hit around Christmas in 1996. The temperature dropped below zero on the 24th, reached -14 by midnight Christmas eve, then dropped to -24 on Christmas Day. It never got warmer than -12, setting a December 25 record cold high, then plunged to -34 on the morning of December 26, another record cold low.

Bundle up buttercup, and make sure to leave plenty of snacks out for Santa's reindeer.

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