We are halfway through the baseball season. Yeah, it's August 25th, and we're talking about how it's half over. Of course, this isn't any regular season. It's hard to even use that word 'season.' But that's what it is -- a 60 game, empty stadium, COVID season.

Believe me, it's great to have baseball back. I do like watching games. I do like winning (that really helps). But everything about it just feels a little off.

Some of it is that expectations were high this year. Many Twins fans felt they had a decent shot at the World Series. And yes, that's factoring the big free-agent pitcher(s) we didn't get. So not having a full season makes it seem unfair -- not right.

But despite COVID, not the 'right' pitchers, empty stadiums and injuries -- the Minnesota Twins are doing what we thought they could do. Win a lot of baseball games. After 30 games into this 60 games season, the Twins are 20-10 and have the best record in the American League.

Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins
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Highlights so far:

Nelson Cruz has picked where he left off from last season. He's leading the Twins with a .327 average and has 11 HRs and 27 RBIs.

Our best pitcher is someone who people actually groaned when they heard he would be a starter. That would be Randy Dobnak and his 5-1 record and an ERA of -- ready? -- 1.78! Whaaaat?

Maeda has been the acquisition we hoped he would be. And, after a slow start 9par for the course), Sano is starting to get into form.

Again, with all the injuries they're dealing with COVID, no home crowd, you can't complain about how their performing and winning.

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