Six years is a long time for anyone or anything to be gone. A family in Milaca has been reunited with their sweet 19-year-old kitty after he went missing six years ago.

The Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud shared this amazing story on their Facebook page on June 28th:

Today we reunited 19-year-old stray cat "InuYasha" with his people after he had been missing for six years. That's right, six years. (He was microchipped, but the owner's contact information had changed - he was gone so long, they weren't actively looking for him anymore.) His family is from the Milaca area; InuYasha was picked up in Sauk Rapids a few days back. Our customer service manager did some Internet sleuthing and tracked his people down. They immediately traveled to us to pick him up.

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For reference, the shortest driving route between Milaca and Sauk Rapids is almost 36 miles. So InuYasha traveled a long way in his six years away from home.

The Tri-County Humane Society used this incredible story to remind pet owners to keep their per's microchip information up to date. If you move, change phone numbers, or any other information that is on the chip, make sure you get that updated on your pet's microchip. It just might be able to help you bring your furry family member back home.

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