If you have a compulsive behavior, this may be the answer to stop, or at least bring some awareness to it.

Ridofranz Getty Images

I have had the nail biting issue since I was a kid.  Sometimes it's worse than other times, and it does seem to depend on the level of stress.  Just picking or biting or whatever.  Some people have a hair pulling issue, or any number of other things.

There is now a bracelet that reacts when the behavior happens.  It vibrates just in order to bring the subconscious behavior into the conscious.

"HabitAware is a mental health technology company that helps people retrain their brain away from detrimental mental health disorders. So what I mean by that is things like hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting, which at their core are soothing mechanisms for stress and anxiety," said Aneela Idnani, co-founder of HabitAware.

HabitAware is a company based in Minneapolis, and has the bracelet available for purchase. It works with an app on your smartphone.... kind of like a Fitbit fitness tracker.