This story is such an inspiration to everybody who's got a mountain of debt. How they did it isn't by making more money, but from a method they found out about online. You have to see this.

Most of us have debt and before we know it, the debt gets out of hand and paying it off seems impossible. This Minnesota couple were dealing with just that problem, and most of it was from student loans they both had totaling over $135k. Even though those are low interest loans, it's a massive amount to pay back and completely overwhelming.

There's a debt payment method that Dave Ramsey posted online called the "snowball method" and that's what they decided to try, which is basically paying off the smallest debt first so the snowball grows.

They both are employed and they decided over 3-years that all of her income would go to paying debt and they would get creative with living minimally on his income only.

We'd love to hear if you've done with method or have found another method of paying off debt that worked. Make sure you comment below to let us know!

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