I've heard plenty of people discussing this and seen plenty of people talking about it online - the rumor that Minnesota's 2020 fishing season is cancelled due to COVID-19. With so many other things being closed, some people might be quick to believe this rumor, but the Minnesota DNR is stepping in to let everyone know it isn't true.

Among the things fueling the rumor is what looks like a press release with a Minnesota DNR logo on it circulating online that says that all Minnesota lakes are closed to angling effective immediately. This particular document also claims that there is a way to request that your favorite lake be exempt from this order.

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First off, that's kind of absurd that certain lakes would be exempt just because of public request. Second, there is some bad grammar in this "letter". If those things weren't enough to convince you this isn't real, the DNR calls this information "not true" in a Facebook post of their own, and goes on to ask the public to do their part in avoiding the spread of false information like this.

Minnesota's Governor laid out that "outdoor activities" are actually one of the protected things you can still do under his 'Stay At Home' order, which is in effect through at least April 10. So, no need to worry about getting out and doing some fishing!  Just remember that all regulations still apply, and you should still practice social distancing at landings and while out on the water or ice.

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