There is no worse, pit of the stomach feeling than when you are driving on ice and you start to feel your vehicle fishtail. I'll never forget the first time that fishtailing almost turned into a rolled vehicle down the ditch.

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Was driving back from my parents and was just about to my place, maybe two miles away, and I was about to get onto an exit when my SUV began fishtailing and doing my best to stay in control and not go rolling down, it began spinning and I did two full 360's before stopping in the middle of the median staring at traffic that I came within inches of hitting.

Thankfully it was not a busy traffic day, because the weather was getting bad. So I gathered my bearings and unscathed was able to creep back to my apartment. But I shook like a leaf when I got home knowing I got lucky. This guy driving in Minnesota the other day, also got pretty lucky. What do you think?

Did you get a little freaked watching it? Did you also feel like many of the viewers on this reddit thread, asking many questions on the driving?

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With someone else pointing out.

But technically, as a witness you legally don't have to stay at the accident, it's just the nice thing to do if you have the time. Especially if it looks like a life threatening accident (which this didn't appear to be). But, many went back and forth on whether the driver should have stopped or not. My favorite response probably hit my sentiment on the head:

It's winter and the roads get icy, so there is no need to be speeding along thinking your vehicle (no matter the size or how great it's 4 wheel drive really is) is invincible. Allow a little extra time and remember getting there a little late because you had to slow down, is better than not getting there at all. I realize that everyone will handle the situation differently but what do you think? Was this situation handled right or what would you have done instead? Let us know, hit me up in our app!

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