We've all seen themed weddings before, but this one might just be over the top. Especially if you aren't overly literate, you'd probably decide to stay home.

A couple from the Twin Cities met over their love for both books and coffee a short time ago, which isn't very odd...we've all met somebody at a coffee shop, right? This goes a little deeper than that.

Rachel and Rob are, apparently, a couple of the biggest literature fans in the entire state of Minnesota. It's either that, or they just wanted to put everything about the day they met - into their big day.

According to their wedding photographer, Eileen K Photography, they met in a Starbucks while she was reading Moby Dick. Rob commented to Rachel that Starbucks was named after a character in Moby Dick. It was love at first sight from that point on. So much, that they decided to tie the knot at the Minneapolis Central Library with a completely "literary" theme.

The theme included bookmark wedding programs, stacked books as centerpieces, and even Rachel's bouquet and shoes made out of pages of a book!

If you take a look at the photos of the wedding and their very creative wedding pieces, you'll see everything was done beautifully with perfection. They didn't just slap this day together.

They certainly went all out and pushed aside any thought of a 'cookie-cutter' basic wedding, and I'm sure them and their guests will never forget this wedding, ever!

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