There is nothing better on a hot summer day than happening upon a lemonade stand. A cool tangy drink hits the spot, and when it is served by a young entrepreneur it makes it that much better.

Lemonade stands do look a little different this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The one I stopped at a couple of weeks ago was selling bottled and canned beverages as opposed to homemade lemonade. But it provided the same relief that we all need from a hot and humid Minnesota summer day.

Up until recently, lemonade stands were only legal in Minnesota with a proper permit, that ran about $50. Without that permit, a lemonade stand could be fined and shut down.

Last year, Country Time lemonade started a movement to try to legalize lemonade stands across the country, offering to pay fees and fines up to $300 for kid-run stands that needed the help.

According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, back in January 2019, Republican Senators Roger Chamberlain and Linda Runbeck authored a bill to allow children 14 and under to operate temporary stands without permits, as long as they are on private property and make less than $1000 a year.

When this bill was going through the senate, it was noted that there weren't any issues of stands being shut down in Minnesota. And even the news anchors covering the story were giggling about how silly it is.

Kids with lemonade stands are out having fun and learning the value of running a business and doing a job. And anyone who wants to shut that down needs to have a good look at their own life.

Keep on selling that lemonade kids!

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