Halloween is right around the corner! Find a significant other or friend and start getting your "couples costume" ready! Here are some Minnesota themed ideas!

  1.  Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox - Show off your Bemidji pride!
  2. Wild Player and the Stanley Cup - The Stanley Cup needs to play hard to get all night ;)
  3. Vikings - Dress as players or as actual vikings! Either way you show your team spirit!
  4. St. Cloud Superman and Super Woman - Just don't stand along Division Street. That job is already taken.
  5. A Farmer and a Cow - Stearns County produces the most dairy out of any other county in the state!
  6. Prince and The Sign - One dresses as Prince, the other has a cardboard cut out of his symbol. (Pro Tip: make it so your face goes through the circle part and use lots of purple glitter!)
  7. Minnesota's Two Seasons - One is a construction worker, the other is bundled up for winter
  8. Huskies - One could be the actual husky and one could be a SCSU Sports fan!

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