If you saw this walking toward you in a parking garage tunnel at 2am, would you freak out like these ladies did? I might jump a little, but not anything near how they reacted!

According to the YouTube poster (BarcSsarc), they were shooting a music video at 2am and had a teddy bear on one end of the hall, and puppeteering a one-eyed baby doll on the other end. Two ladies walked onto the 'set' for the video. They started screaming and ran back into the elevator.

Here's the scenario I see with what happened here...

Nobody expects to see something like this, ever. it's a little surprising when you do I guess. Given that it was 2am in a parking garage, it's likely the women were drinking somewhere in Minneapolis, near where this garage was located. if this would have been during a sober part of the day, they may have just kept walking along.

The real question I have here - What kind of a music video are you making with a puppeteered one-eyed baby doll? I'd love to see how it turned out!

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