Wedding season is in full bloom here in Minnesota and chances are you'll be going to a wedding in the next couple months. Here's what couples wish they put on their registry!

Being a married guy, I can tell you that when you pick out items on your registry, you don't think of the things you'll REALLY need versus the things you think you'd like to get as a gift. Stuff like dishes, home decor items, and cute trinkets to remind you of your wedding day.

Nearly every couple ends up wishing they had these 7 types of things on their registry more than anything else. Sadly it isn't until after they settle in to their new life and realize what they need.

  1. Extra sets of bed sheets. You'll be safe with getting a queen size set, and get a nice set for them. Consider also that they may plan to have a guest room with a full bed, so they'll need sheets for that too.
  2. Outdoor yard stuff. One of the 1st things the couple will need to do (if they have bought a home) is go to the hardware store and buy a lawn mower and weed whipper. If that's more than you want to spend, get his/hers gloves, kneeling pad, shovel and Roundup. They'll need to be bought anyways.
  3. Tools, tools, tools. Those pictures need to go up on the walls, loose screws need tightening, etc. A cordless drill is an awesome gift. How about a nice set of screwdrivers in a variety of sizes. Maybe a 100 piece socket set! They'll be used for many years.
  4. Deck items. Newly married couples like to be social. Minnesota summer time is beautiful, and hanging out on the deck is one of our past-times. A grill is a must to have and the couple likely doesn't have one. A patio set is a little spendy, but would be one of the best gifts they get. Even a bistro table with a couple chairs would be fun!
  5. Picture frames and albums. This is a no-brainer, and many couples don't consider putting that on their registry, but end up needing a ton of them from all the photos they have of their engagement, wedding, honeymoon, and life after that. Get a variety of different frames and sizes so they can get prints made to fit the frames. Large and small photo albums always come in handy. Even with a Facebook photo album world, there's just something about a printed photo that's timeless.
  6. Think honeymoon things. Most couples go on a honeymoon after the wedding, it's their big vacation! A nice luggage set is generally always needed. Think about things they'll need for their adventure, even right down to FAA approved travel containers for shampoos and general liquids. Nothing too heavy or bulky as they have to pack those things.
  7. Create a date-night for them. Plan a night for them with gift cards to great restaurants and movie theaters. You could even go as far as pre-paying for a chef to come to their home to cook a gourmet meal! Get them a nice bottle of wine with a couple wine glasses to go with dinner.

So consider getting these items instead, even if they aren't on the registry. You will likely get a bigger thank you note than the other gifts the couple received!

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