Video of a unique AirBnB rental on TikTok has people asking, "Where is this?!"

Minnesota Real Estate Agent Sam Sells Houses has been showcasing properties on his TikTok account since May of 2020. One video featuring a unique AirBnB rental in Alexandria has taken the internet -- and many Minnesotans -- by storm!

"Amazing Airbnb in Alexandria, MN!" reads the video's caption.

The video features what appears to be large silos or grain bins that have been renovated into very unique, modern-looking living amenities. Another shot reveals beautiful fall colors on surrounding trees, making for a truly breathtaking property. In the four days since the video was posted, it's had over 469k views. But with no further details or rental information provided, many in the comment section have been asking "Where is this?!"

"I live here, and I've never seen that," said TikTok user Lo.

"Yo! I'm from Alexandria, MN!! Where is this??" asked Callista.

"WAIT...I have lived here my entire life, and I am just hearing about this..." commented Hannah Nelson. Turns out, the incredible AirBnB is part of local wedding venue Gathered Oaks.

A sister-property to Moorhead-based Rustic Oaks, Gathered Oaks "shares in the owners’ dream of offering a place to remind us of shared hopes and dreams, a place where we can dwell with nature, and a place where we celebrate the connections of our loved ones." The AirBnB, known as the Grain Bin Houses, is described as "new, upscale rooms inside repurposed old grain bins." Eight separate hotel-style rooms offer a queen bed, bathroom and shower, television each.

A second lodging option, known as The Farmhouse, is described as "a lovely, renovated farmhouse with Scandinavian charm and historic detail throughout."

I couldn't find either property listed on AirBnB myself, though if you're interested you can find more details and photos at the Gathered Oaks website here.

Did you know Gathered Oaks exists? Have you ever visited or stayed there?

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