This may not have been what we had in mind but we will take it: Minnesotan Michelle Young is officially the next Bachelorette!

The big news dropped Monday night (March 15th) on the After The Final Rose special, which follows the season finale of The Bachelor. We could not be more excited but there is a little bit of a twist.

Michelle will be one of two leads to come out of this season, which breaks from usual tradition with this show and franchise. Usually, one of the top ladies that doesn't win the heart of the lead goes on to become the next Bachelorette. This season, there is two.

Here's how it is going to work: Katie Thurston, a former contestant from this season, will have her own season of The Bachelorette, which will debut in just a few months. Later this year, Michelle will film her season, which also also air later this year.

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Why the twist? According to spoiler guru Reality Steve, Michelle wanted to make sure she could finish out the school year. She is a teacher, as you saw on the show, and she didn't want to have to leave her kiddos again. Instead, she has opted to film her season while on break. How sweet!

We will have more details on her season soon, like when her season will air and who her contestants will be. For now, little is known about her season because production hasn't started yet.

Of course, while this news is fantastic, it is also bittersweet because it means she did not get the final rose of Matt James. If you watched the season finale Monday, you know he let Michelle go ahead of the final rose ceremony and opted for the other lady instead.

Michelle will make an amazing Bachelorette! We have had a lead from Minnesota before and she killed it. Not only that, but throughout a season filled with drama, Michelle kept it classy and stole Matt's heart and ours from the second she arrived.

We can't wait to watch how her season plays out on the silver screen! I have a feeling we will see a whole lot of Minnesota.

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