This past New Year's Eve may have been the most anticlimactic in modern history.

Another New Years has come and gone, though this one was arguably the most anticlimactic most of us can remember. No thanks to coronavirus, celebrations were mostly limited or restricted, making for a rather un-festive farewell to the dumpster fire that was 2020 and hello to the "Year of Hope."

Curious to know how Central Minnesotans spent their New Years Eve -- and how it compared to last year's -- we took to Facebook to find out.

Vanessa Warzecha said she was in her bed sleeping by midnight both this year and last year.

Joey Rickabaugh was working.

Gemma Boniek says she spent last year's New Years Eve with Hairball at Medina Entertainment center. This year, she worked.

Rene Krueger said she was "probably" in her living room (either she forgot or she answered our question before midnight of New Years Eve); last year she rang in the New Year at Minneapolis' Fine Line at a Prof concert.

Jessica Lee spent this year's News Years Eve and last year's the same: "Watching Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper get progressively more drunk during their CNN special." Ahh, yes -- the ridiculous display that is CNN's New Year's Eve broadcast.

Where did you spend New Years Eve this year and how did it compare to where you spent it last year?

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