During that last week, kids are getting yearbooks signed, goofing around, and saying goodbye to classmates for the year or maybe the rest of their lives.

We asked you what the best part of the last week of school was. For me, it was knowing I didn't have to get up early for a few months. For Abbey, it was taking all the posters off the wall and making nig tape balls. We would then throw it around the room.

Here's what some of our other River listeners said.

Nicole - "Playing kickball with my brother with a nerf soccer ball in the front yard while waiting for the bus in the morning (I grew up in rural southern Minnesota)"

Misty - "Getting to rip off the brown paper bag book covers and cleaning out lockers. That's when you knew it was summer."

Kelly - "Chef's choice on the lunch menu when the lunch ladies would make whatever was left in the school freezers. You never knew what you were going to get."

Tara - "The satisfaction of finally seeing your locker totally cleaned out."

Tim  - "Last day pizza parties."

Michelle - "My parents letting me ride my bike to school."

Missy: "My favorite school memory was getting our annuals (now called yearbook) and passing them around for everyone to write messages to each other. It's fun to look back and read them years later!"

Thanks for all the great responses. Unfortunately, this year's students are going to have completely different memories that they will never forget.

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