It took the death of a legend and a worldwide pandemic to bring Prince and YouTube in concert together.

YouTube and The Prince Estate have partnered together to stream 'Prince & The Revolution: Live.' A concert filmed in 1985. It will run for three days only on the Prince YouTube channel starting Thursday (5/14) and will raise money for the WHO and the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

It's kind of a big deal. When it came to Prince and YouTube, most everyone knows that there was no love there. Prince seemed to have a team of YouTube watchers just waiting for something to pop up. I'm not talking about just his music. Whenever anything 'Prince' related went up on YouTube, you could almost count the hours on your fingers and toes, before it was gone.

About ten years ago, I posted a blog with a video about a Prince concert in Madison Square Garden. He was pulling women on stage to shake their booty with him. Next thing you know, he pulls up Kim Kardashian. Well, she was stiff as a board, and Prince told her to "get off the stage". Somebody at the show caught it on camera and posted it on YouTube. I swear it was less than 24 hours before that video was pulled from YouTube. And this was just some poor footage from a fan at a concert. But that's how Prince was.

We all know how he felt about that Warner Bros. deal. That's why he was so protective of not just his music but everything. I understood and sympathized with all of that. I just felt that he took it a little to far when it came to things like that Kardashian video. What was it hurting? He wasn't losing money over it. If anything, it kept his name top of mind.


Here's that Prince/Kim K. video. Which, not surprisingly, has been up for a few years now.

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