I came home from work the other day and noticed something looked off when I glanced at the rear of my vehicle.

Lo and behold, my Minnesota Tab had been peeled away to just a stub. The front Tab was left untouched. I don't know if this person came to my home and tried to remove the tab, or if it was while I was at work, or out shopping, but it was pretty upsetting.

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What do I do now? Is there a fee to replace stolen tabs? Is this a common occurrence these days in Minnesota? People driving vehicles that they can't afford, so they stole my tab because they have no money for tabs? Or is it people who really can't afford a vehicle at all? They know they can't afford a ticket, so their only option is to steal tabs from someone else.


I found an article that said police officers recommend that you get a sharp object, like a razor blade, and make an X on the sticker once it has adhered to your license plate. It will make it harder for them to try and peel off the sticker...not that they won't try!

Another recommendation, although not a requirement, is to peel off all previous stickers before you put on your new sticker for the year, and get a license plate cover; so at least they will have to work hard at getting your tabs off of your vehicle.


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