With all of us under quarantine, it does make sense that the cooking situation would be on the rise.  And actually the waste of food has actually been down.  That part is a good thing.  But snacking has also been at an all time high.

Also- I know that I have been WAY more willing to learn or at least take the time to cook and/or bake things that are a bit more complicated.  Before I would have been more inclined to say that it would take too much time.  Well, right now, that's a lot of what we have...time.  From the PR Newswire: 

Many of those surveyed have discovered new ingredients (38%) and new brands (45%) and are rediscovering ingredients they have not used in a long time (24%). Meanwhile, the consumers who claimed to be cooking more often are embracing these new habits even more enthusiastically (44%, 50% and 28%, respectively). Creativity abounds, with roughly one-third (34%) of all adults searching for more recipes and meal prepping (31%). Top recipes consumers are searching for are simple, practical meal solutions (61%) and ways to use up current ingredients (60%), although almost half of consumers are also looking for ways to cook healthier (47%) and inspiration to try new foods (45%). More than one-third (35%) of recipe users are searching for a cooking project and inspiration to learn new techniques.

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One problem that I have noticed, and it's apparently it's pretty common is snacking.  That has been way up since the beginning of the quarantine.  The gyms being closed, stay at home order, and just some sheer boredom has lead to some unhealthy eating along with healthy stuff too. It's not all snacks...but that is definitely up.  Oh, and being paired with some unusually chilly weather has added to the "not going outside-it's too cold and windy" predicament.  So any of the unhealthy stuff you may be consuming isn't being worked off as easily.

So, what's your plan after quarantine ends?