Minnesotans were treated to a rare cloud display following turbulent thunderstorms Monday.

Following the wild weather that blew through parts of Minnesota Monday, Minnesotans have been sharing their photos of the rare Mammatus clouds.

According to Accuweather, "Mammatus are pouch-like cloud structures. They're also a rare example of clouds in sinking air-- most clouds form in rising air." Mammatus clouds most frequently form underneath Cumulonimbus clouds and take their name from their appearance -- "bag-like sacs that hang beneath the cloud [and] resemble cow's udders." In essence, says Accuweather, Mammatus clouds are upside-down clouds.

Whatever they are, there was no shortage of them Monday evening with Minnesotans sharing their photos to the Minnesota sub-reddit thread.

dadykhoff via reddit
u/Doc-in-a-box via reddit
u/schnellermeister via reddit

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