Minnesota isn't known for creepy and scary things, but these urban legends are well-known to many Minnesotans, and are accepted to most as completely to true.

Every state has it's urban legends. Some that are way out there and hard to believe, and some that seem so true that you crawl out of your skin. These Minnesota urban legends are as close to real as it can possibly be...

Kensington Runestone - Believed to be carved by the Vikings hundreds of years ago, found in 1898 in Kensington, Minnesota.

Grey Cloud Island - Said to be the most haunted location in Minnesota. Many reports of a green light that floats through the Indian burial grounds on the island.

Soap Factory - An old animal slaughterhouse in Minneapolis that used to be a soap factory. A waiver needs to be signed to enter the building because it's so demonic and haunted.

Smiley Face Killings - Even as of the last few years, these killers supposedly have been killing young college-age men after bar close, and dumping their body in cold waters. They leave a "smiley" symbol near the dump site.

UFO Attack - Happened in rural Marshall County, Minnesota on August 27th in 1979. A deputy noticed a strange light on the road a mile away, that shot toward him within a second, leaving welder's burns on his eyes, and caused him to lose consciousness.

Don't shy away from this great state though. We just accept these urban legends and await the next one that we hope to believe is absolutely true!

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