Minnesotans are starting to self isolate as the state closes several businesses in an effort to fight the spread of COVID-19. I'm getting so stir crazy that I packed my family into the car the other day to drive to the car wash, just to get out of the house for a minute.

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Don't be desperate like me, instead get ready for drive-in movie season. Luckily, Minnesota still has 6 outdoor theaters left in the state. Who would have thought the drive-ins would be the popular choice again...this really is starting to feel like the 1920's all over again.

No one seems to know for sure how long businesses will be shut down for. Minnesota's governor says we'll reevaluate the current situation at the end of March. Some people predict it could be several more weeks after that even months until things start getting back to normal.

So, luckily there's probably a drive-in near you. Even if you have to drive a short distance, the time out of the house will be appreciated by your family.

Minnesota Drive-In Theaters;

All of these drive-ins are temporarily closed for the season but should be opening up as normal by mid to late April.

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