Minnesota's Largest Candy Store (aka Jim's Apple Farm) in Jordan Minnesota is gearing up to open their doors.

In a YouTube video announcement last week, the business announced that the plan was to open on May 8th after a winter of remodeling and maintenance on the building.

The remodel made for more space in the building which is needed in this new age of social distancing. In the video it was mentioned that extra safety precautions would be implemented in the store such as sanitizing shopping baskets and carts, new handwashing procedures for employees, and plexiglass along the checkout counter.

While most places are only operating take-out and curbside style it is looking like customers at the candy store will be able to go in and browse their extensive sweets collection in person. Of course employees and guests alike will be expected to stay six feet apart from others.

When sharing the new changes and procedures, the employees created a music video reminiscing about the good times when they could run freely through the store. If you're running a candy store you gotta have some fun with your announcements right?

My friends visited this place last summer and brought back all sorts of interesting goodies (bacon-flavored mints, a giant tub of only banana-flavored Runts, some of the craziest soda flavors I have ever seen) and I have it at the top of my summer to-do list. Minnesota's Largest Candy Store will be open for business on May 8th.

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