You're probably afraid of something.

My fears include heights, confined spaces, snakes and spiders.

But is it possible for a whole community of people to share a common fear? Apparently, so. recently determined the most common fear in each state according to Google searches.

Minnesota's top searched phobia?

Anthrophobia, or a fear of people/social situations.

Really? The nicest, happiest people in the country are afraid of...people?

I don't know, I guess I figured we'd have a communal fear of playing duck duck goose or running out of hot dish or the Vikings losing in the Super Bowl or something.

Apparently, a fear of people isn't all that uncommon; 10 other states share it with us, and it's tied for most common phobia right up there with spiders. The most unusual fears -- I think -- are California's fear of success and Kansas' fear of love. Then there's poor Texas who's afraid of everything while North Dakota and Wyoming aren't afraid of anything.

Via YourLocalSecurity
Via YourLocalSecurity

What do you think -- do you share the average Minnesotan's fear of people or is your phobia something else?